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Silverzip is interested in the development of the people of Trinidad and Tobago, especially underprivileged children. It is with this interest that we have provided and would continue to provide assistance to those we can help.


Here are some of the projects we have completed:


Christmas Giving - 2010

Keeping up with our traditional Christmas giving, we provided toys to boys and girls in needy areas of Trinidad and Tobago.


Christmas Giving - 2009

Last year we challenged ourselves and were successfully able to provide gifts for approximately 60 children for Christmas.


Free Computer Course - Summer 2009

Computer classes given at no charge to a small group of children.


Christmas Giving - 2008

Since the year 2006 we have been assisting needy families for Christmas, by purchasing gifts for their children and groceries for the family.


Free Computer Course to Rainbow Rescue - 2008

Computer literacy course given freely to previously homeless children at the Rainbow Rescue.


Free Personal Tutoring - 2003

Free basic literacy computer tutoring given to individual who was in need of learning how to use a computer in order to qualify for a better job.


Free Computer Course - Summer 2002

Computer classes given at no charge to a small group of youths.



Silverzip would remain committed to assisting those in need as we whole-heartedly believe that if it is in your power to do good, you should do it!


Silverzip can do more than just design a great website for you.

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