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There is more to a website than what you see. If you already have a website, Silverzip can make it better! Here are some of the things we can do to 'pimp' your website:



Change the look and feel of the website, giving it a fresh look.



Make it accessible to all users, including those who may not be able to use a mouse, or are visually impaired.



Ensure that the site is 'viewable' using any computer or web browser.



Make it easier for users to find the information they want.


Search Engine Optimization

Ensure that it is listed in the major search engines and it is 'search engine friendly'.


Flash Sites and Animation

Add animation and visually appealing effects for greater impact.


Chat Integration

Integrate on your website the ability for customers visiting your site to have a live chat session with you while online.


Online Surveys

Provide the public with the ability to complete surveys over the internet and analyze the results.


Email Marketing

Send advertisements, newsletters, etc to email contacts.



Display and sell products online.


Content Management Systems

Allow a non-technical person the ability to easily update a website's content.



Keep an online 'journal' available to the public about any topic you choose.



Provide an online area where people can discuss different topics.


Customizable Solutions

Customize a solution based on your specific needs.



Ready to upgrade, improve and enhance your website? We do professional web design!

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